Juicebox Vol 1, Side H, Track 2: “Only in the Way” by University Drive.

University Drive continues their Juicebox feature with this week’s track, “Only in the Way.” Released in 2017 on the band’s debut LP On/Off: Reset, this track won Song of the Year at the 2017 Steamtown Music Awards. It’s an explosive, high energy track that will have you screaming along all the way through. The live performance will take your experience to a whole new level. See just a small taste of the full, live experience in this week’s Juicebox, “Only in the Way.”

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Recorded March 10, 2019

Justin Goreschak // Producer, Technical Director
David Lange // Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Joe Kane // Coordinating Producer, Recording Technician
Teresa Whitehouse // Camera Operator, Assistant Editor
Melissa Short // Production Assistant, Lighting Director
Louis Balzani // Camera Operator
AJ Lanieski // Production Assistant

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