Juicebox Vol 1, Side F, Track 2: “Pissin’ in the Kitchen” by The Charming Beards.

This week Juicebox brings you a track near and dear to The Charming Beards’ hearts, “Pissin’ in the Kitchen.” The song is an older tune inspired by a conversation during a practice session early in the lifespan of The Charming Beards. “Theresa Lazzari (the drummer at that time) brought a bottle of whiskey with her to practice. She and the boys drank it all up.” Katie recalls. The band then began to pass around stories. “Ray Novitski (now of Kali Ma and the Garland of Arms) was telling a tale of someone urinating in the kitchen while drunk. Theresa followed with a story of her own and I brought up the tale end recalling a memory that was recent at the time.”

The song was born with a rockabilly style. It is filled with lamentations from the narrator who consistently messes up relationships with booze fueled antics. “What really makes Pissin’ in the Kitchen special is that it’s evolved over time as our lineup changed. I feel that every person I’ve had the pleasure of performing this song with has added something unique to it.” Don’t be pissed that your missin’ “Pissin’ in the Kitchen.”

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Recorded January 7th, 2019

Justin Goreschak // Producer, Technical Director
David Lange // Creative Director, Cinematographer
Joe Kane // Coordinating Producer, Recording Technician
Teresa Whitehouse // Editor, VFX

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