Juicebox Vol 1, Side F, Track 1: “Lie in the Dark” by The Charming Beards.

“Lie in the Dark,” this week’s Juicebox feature, is one of the darker tunes from the Charming Beards. The track was brought to life during a summertime jam session between Katie and Lisa. “We kept bouncing ideas off of each other, and within an hour we had almost finished the whole thing,” Katie recalls. “It is a bit dark lyrically. It addresses the issue of substance abuse disorder within the construct of a romantic relationship.”

Once they had the major ideas down, they brought the song to Jordan. After hearing the song, Jordan set his guitar to an alternate tuning, allowing the song to grow. “It really opened up a lot of new possible routes where we could take the song,” explained Katie. The band then played around with the song a bit until they polished off the final song.

The song quickly became one of The Charming Beards’ favorites to play. Katie explained, “It was because Lisa threw this tempo change into the song that really fills it with an intense energy. Mike Volak also added a lot to the song with his bass, adding an eerie tension to the beginning and this extreme cathartic intensity at the end.” Don’t let missing this week’s Juicebox keep you up at night and get ready for “Lie in the Dark.”

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Recorded January 7th, 2019

Justin Goreschak // Producer, Technical Director
David Lange // Creative Director, Cinematographer
Joe Kane // Coordinating Producer, Recording Technician
Teresa Whitehouse // Editor, VFX

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