Bless Me Father

Juicebox Vol 1, Side F, Track 4: “Bless Me Father” by The Charming Beards. “Bless Me Father” was originally written 10 years ago while Katie was performing in a different project. Katie remembers “I was raised Catholic, and that influences a lot of my writing. […]

Cigarettes and Whiskey

Juicebox Vol 1, Side F, Track 3: “Cigarettes and Whiskey” by The Charming Beards. “Cigarettes and Whiskey” is a very personal song to Katie. “It’s a song that took 8 years and 5 minutes to write.” Katie explained “I was in a relationship that ended […]

Pissin’ in the Kitchen

Juicebox Vol 1, Side F, Track 2: “Pissin’ in the Kitchen” by The Charming Beards. This week Juicebox brings you a track near and dear to The Charming Beards’ hearts, “Pissin’ in the Kitchen.” The song is an older tune inspired by a conversation during […]

Lie in the Dark

Juicebox Vol 1, Side F, Track 1: “Lie in the Dark” by The Charming Beards. “Lie in the Dark,” this week’s Juicebox feature, is one of the darker tunes from the Charming Beards. The track was brought to life during a summertime jam session between […]