Juicebox Vol 1, Side H, Track 3: “Clear” by University Drive. This week, University Drive brings you the title track from their new album Clear. This song has a unique take on building tension by weaving vocal recordings throughout the song. The vocal recordings came […]

Only in the Way

Juicebox Vol 1, Side H, Track 2: “Only in the Way” by University Drive. University Drive continues their Juicebox feature with this week’s track, “Only in the Way.” Released in 2017 on the band’s debut LP On/Off: Reset, this track won Song of the Year […]


Juicebox Vol 1, Side H, Track 1: “Damage” by University Drive. For their Juicebox debut, University Drive performs “Damage” off of their new album Clear. This track explores the effects of going through a life changing crisis, questioning the nature of reality and the world […]

Bless Me Father

Juicebox Vol 1, Side F, Track 4: “Bless Me Father” by The Charming Beards. “Bless Me Father” was originally written 10 years ago while Katie was performing in a different project. Katie remembers “I was raised Catholic, and that influences a lot of my writing. […]

Cigarettes and Whiskey

Juicebox Vol 1, Side F, Track 3: “Cigarettes and Whiskey” by The Charming Beards. “Cigarettes and Whiskey” is a very personal song to Katie. “It’s a song that took 8 years and 5 minutes to write.” Katie explained “I was in a relationship that ended […]

Pissin’ in the Kitchen

Juicebox Vol 1, Side F, Track 2: “Pissin’ in the Kitchen” by The Charming Beards. This week Juicebox brings you a track near and dear to The Charming Beards’ hearts, “Pissin’ in the Kitchen.” The song is an older tune inspired by a conversation during […]