Participate in Juicebox

This is how we usually run things, but we’re always looking for ways to keep Juicebox fresh. If you have an idea that changes the script, please feel free to ask us about it!

The Basics

Juicebox is a series offered free of cost to artists and venues by Ionic Development. We release episodes Thursdays at noon featuring one track each week and a new artist each month.

Ionic started Juicebox to support the local music scene in Northeast Pennsylvania, but found that we could help promote other local attractions in the process. To that effect, we pair venues and artists from NEPA. While there are no strict boundaries, we generally look for artists with roots in Pennsylvania and locations north of Allentown and east of Williamsport.

For each session, our team will schedule a time when the artist, venue, and our team is available. Our team will produce the session and run a promotional campaign. For the release, we’ll create some graphics, post on social media calling attention to the venue and artist, and possibly some more unique tactics.

For Businesses

Juicebox isn’t just for bars and theaters—we try to accommodate a variety of locally owned locations including attractions, stores, restaurants, and institutions. While acoustics and lighting are factors, we’ve found that ample space with an interesting backdrop is the most challenging requirement to choosing a great location for a Juicebox. When you host a Juicebox, we’ll need access to electricity and at least 4 hours of time in the space outside of business hours, but we can work around these requirements in certain circumstances.

Contact us to host a Juicebox at your location. Send us a 1-2 paragraph bio/history, a link to your social media or website, and how best to get in touch with you. We’ll reach out as soon as possible.

For Artists

We love local original music. All a musical artist needs to be considered for Juicebox is to have at least 5 original songs recorded. No exceptions. When choosing artists we also take into account the artist’s social media engagement, consistency in lineup, and experience playing live.

We want each session to reflect the artist. While we reserve the final say, please mention any ideas you might have for style, location, or release timeframe! For example, if you have an upcoming album, we can try to schedule your release window for the same month, or if you’re a doom metal band but have a sense of humor, perhaps you’d want to book Chuck E. Cheese (they’re a chain though, and probably wouldn’t love that idea).

We ask that each artist perform each track twice during the recording session, but you may request additional takes if time permits. Audio from the session will be mixed and mastered our team.

Click here to apply.

Status: Booked through October 2019.

*Please note, status is for the Juicebox series, a web video series released by our team. If you are interested in hiring Ionic Development for a session video or other work, please get in touch by email at, by phone at (570) 507-7290, or by Messenger at