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Dead Season

Juicebox Vol 1, Side E, Track 1: “Dead Season” by Alma Mater. Alma Mater’s Juicebox debut begins with the melodic “Dead Season” from the Cloud Cover EP. An experimentation in dynamics by Alma Mater, this track balances out the quieter verses with melodic choruses and […]

Something Else, Pt. 2

Juicebox Vol 1, Side D, Track 4: “Something Else, Pt. 2” by E57. “Something Else, Pt. 2,” a continuation of the band’s epic, was the first song written for E57’s upcoming album. “I constructed the layout of the song, Josh wrote the melodies and lyrics, […]

Something Else, Pt. 1

Juicebox Vol 1, Side D, Track 3: “Something Else, Pt. 1” by E57. E57 takes you on an emotional melodic journey this week with “Something Else, Pt. 1,” which was originally inspired by Josh Zurek’s experimentation with a borrowed delay pedal. “Part 1” was written […]

Chapter Three

Juicebox Vol 1, Side D, Track 2: “Chapter Three” by E57. “Where were you!?” E57’s Josh Zurek screams out in this week’s Juicebox session featuring Chapter Three from their 2017 EP, Sjørøver. This song began during an open mic at a local bar in Scranton, […]

Eye the Pirate

Juicebox Vol 1, Side D, Track 1: “Eye the Pirate” by E57. After countless hours of research into this strange phenomenon it seems we only have more questions than answers. We are at a loss, and so we pass our research notes and videos on […]

Make Like a Tree

Juicebox Vol 1, Side C, Track 5: “Make Like a Tree” by Send Request Send Request, the third artist in our weekly Juicebox series, rocks out West Side in Scranton’s brand new live performance venue and bar, Stage West. The pop-punk quartet is Andrew Blank […]