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James Barrett sings during a The First Days of July performance at the Everhart Museum in Scranton, PA. His brother and percussionist, Tyler Barrett, performs behind him.

The First Days of July

Juicebox Vol 2, Side A, Track 1: “The First Days of July” by James Barrett. James Barrett leads fellow bandmates Angelo Maruzzelli, Doug Griffiths, and Tyler Barrett in the culmination of his musical career so far. Writing music since age 12, James has taken influences […]

Volume 2 Coming Soon

We hope you all enjoyed Volume 1 of Juicebox. We’ll be taking a two month break to retune and make Juicebox even better. We would like to thank all the acts that participated in Juicebox so far, helping us come as far as we have […]

Safe and Quiet

Juicebox Vol 1, Side H, Track 5: “Safe and Quiet” by University Drive. Finishing off their Juicebox feature, University Drive brings us back to their first LP, On/Off: Reset, with “Safe and Quiet.” The original recording On/Off: Reset, with the exception of “Mescaline”, was recorded […]

Please Release Me

Juicebox Vol 1, Side H, Track 4: “Please Release Me” by University Drive. University Drive performs “Please Release Me” off of their new album Clear for this week’s Juicebox. With vocal recordings laid throughout, Ed experiments with utilizing them as a sort of backup vocals […]


Juicebox Vol 1, Side H, Track 3: “Clear” by University Drive. This week, University Drive brings you the title track from their new album Clear. This song has a unique take on building tension by weaving vocal recordings throughout the song. The vocal recordings came […]

Only in the Way

Juicebox Vol 1, Side H, Track 2: “Only in the Way” by University Drive. University Drive continues their Juicebox feature with this week’s track, “Only in the Way.” Released in 2017 on the band’s debut LP On/Off: Reset, this track won Song of the Year […]