Juicebox Vol 1, Side D, Track 2: “Chapter Three” by E57.

“Where were you!?” E57’s Josh Zurek screams out in this week’s Juicebox session featuring Chapter Three from their 2017 EP, Sjørøver. This song began during an open mic at a local bar in Scranton, The Keys. Lead guitarist Michael “Duds” McDonald played the riff and liked it so much that he recorded it on his phone and sent it to Josh, who immediately began writing the lyrics. As the song came together Duds was able to craft what was to become his favorite solo to date for E57, stating “It was the first time I felt like I was able to tell a story using my guitar.” This is echoed by the emotional narrative told through Josh’s lyrics. Chapter Three is another example of the dance of melody and lyricism that E57 excels at so well.

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Recorded on November 28, 2018

Justin Goreschak // Producer, Technical Director
David Lange // Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Joe Kane // Coordinating Producer, Recording Technician
Teresa Whitehouse // Camera Operator, Assistant Editor, VFX
Nicole Dalbo // Lighting Technician, Camera Operator

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