Juicebox Vol 1, Side E, Track 4: “Flashbacks” by Alma Mater.

Alma Mater has you looking back with this week’s Juicebox, “Flashbacks,” off of the Cloud Cover EP. This week’s track gives us a bit more insight on the lyrical songwriting team of Vinny and Jerry. Jerry explains, “Vinny and I have an interesting dynamic in which we can both provide significant vocal contributions on a given song, but we will write our parts separately so we can write from our own experiences.” This track shows a perfect example of this dynamic. “Vinny wrote his part about a nightmare he once experienced. I wrote mine based on the feelings I experienced after a car crash.” Jerry continued. Vinny and Jerry were able to merge these ideas to fit the overarching theme of “Flashbacks.” “We created something that we believe is a powerful representation of our lives at that point in time.” This additional dynamic gives a deeper level to Alma Mater’s ability to harmonize throughout each song. Take a closer look and listen in on this week’s Juicebox, “Flashbacks.”

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Recorded December 27th, 2018

Justin Goreschak // Producer, Technical Director
David Lange // Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Joe Kane // Coordinating Producer, Recording Technician
Teresa Whitehouse // Camera Operator, Assistant Editor, VFX

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